The Start of a New Journey

I'm 9 and its my first day at secondary school. As I saw the other girls running around and chattering excitedly, I was frozen with fear and rooted to the car seat. And then I wondered. . .

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

 58 years ago, some brave God-fearing and proud men stood up and came together to claim the right to freedom and independence of our beloved country. Most of those men are now dead but their work isn't, and the fight is far from over. If brave, God-fearing and proud Nigerians fail to stand up in … Continue reading Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Football Mania

"So you're the new one" said the stranger in a cold voice. "The one that was talking about football I'm told". "Erm... I suppose" replied Marie. "What was that about football?" asked Charley. "That surprised me too" said Marie. "I think he meant when you mentioned your favourite footballer the other day at the club … Continue reading Football Mania

A Worker’s Day

Today we've gathered together, to have a good time and a chat; To speak of the people we've met on the job; To discuss this and of course that. We're dressed in our very best tonight, and our spirits they're very high. No counting out change for us tonight, or gazing way up at the … Continue reading A Worker’s Day

A Woman

As we celebrate women this March, here are some fun tidbits on what it means to be a woman! A Woman Should Always Have enough money to pay for her meal and her way back home when she goes on a date, even if she doesn't need to Appear flawlessly groomed and impeccably dressed to … Continue reading A Woman

Live your best Life

Do you think your life is overwhelming, and spinning out of your control? That the fates are against you somehow? Well, you're definitely not alone. Not so Long ago I found my self in a place where the wheels of my life seemed totally out of my control. I was overwhelmed with just dealing with … Continue reading Live your best Life

Hello from a Fellow Traveller

Happy Sunday and cheers to the new week! Resolve this week not to let that sorrow, adversity, or failure bring you down. Discipline yourself to close the door on all failures as soon as they occur by reminding yourself constantly that its not the defeat that destroys you, but your attitude towards it. Motivate yourself … Continue reading Hello from a Fellow Traveller

Phenomenal Mothers

I woke up this morning thinking of the amazing woman that made it possible for me to be here today. I want you to know that even through our little fights and often intense arguments and across the miles that separate us that I love you. And so I am dedicating this month of March … Continue reading Phenomenal Mothers

Memoirs of life in the box

I remember a time long ago, long before I had seen the wonder of streets awash with lights and the marvel of satellite and the Internet, long before I learnt to stop believing in magic and to fear people. Dad was always busy then, he thought he needed to give us a better life, and … Continue reading Memoirs of life in the box

Heart your Health

February is World Heart Month! and today being the last day of February is a great time to make sure your ticker is ticking properly. We've all heard it: Change your diet, maintain a healthy weight, be physically active, quit smoking, go for your annual check-ups. These may seem small, and you may ask yourself … Continue reading Heart your Health