Football Mania

“So you’re the new one” said the stranger in a cold voice. “The one that was talking about football I’m told”.
“Erm… I suppose” replied Marie.

“What was that about football?” asked Charley.

“That surprised me too” said Marie.

“I think he meant when you mentioned your favourite footballer the other day at the club house” helped Rylyn.

“But he wasn’t even there” argued Marie. “I feel like I’m being badmouthed” she grumped.

“Oh well…that’s kind of what they do there you know”, “talk of others I mean” said Rylyn.

“Aww come on Mariri” joked Charley. “So who is it”?

“Don’t call me that” said Marie still a little miffed.

“Who is who”? Asked Rylyn.

“Mariri’s favourite footballer” reminded Charley.

“Oh that’s Mohammed Salah”. “Right Marie?”

“Oh yea” answered Marie excitedly. “I like Messi too but he isn’t doing so well right now”, she added.

“I heard he lost a lot of matches” said Rylyn curiously.

“He didn’t lose matches, his team did! He just didn’t do so well himself” snapped Marie.

“Careful Rylykins, Mariri hates badmouths” quipped Charley.

“I just don’t think it’s fair that he’s made to take the blame for his team’s losses. And don’t call me that Charley!” Replied Marie.

“What’s up?” greeted John as he walked in.

“Oh hi Johnny, we were just talking about football…and football players” replied Charley.

“Oh did you guys see the match last night though?” asked John loudly.

“Of course, that was so epic!” answered Marie even more fired up.

“Was it really?” asked Rylyn curiously.

“Oh it was” said Charley thrilled. “Nigeria scored two super amazing goals against Iceland” he finished quickly. “And both goals were scored by one person too. Ahmed Musa!” added Marie.

“Ahh I wish I watched it!” said Rylyn unhappily.

“Don’t worry Rylyn, let’s watch the next match together. And we’ll cheer for them too!” encouraged Marie.

Published by Tia

I am a book loving, adventure seeking introvert, and life itself is my inspiration. I am passionate about personal growth, and love to write about self improvement & mental health, whenever I’m not embarking in some otherworldly adventure.

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