Day 1: A Look Behind

Looking back at 2018 I feel tempted to sink into a deep well of self chastisement. To beat myself up over all I hoped to achieve but didn’t. I see so many people happily talking about all they achieved and how much self discovery and adventure they were able to cram into the year and I wonder…how is mine different? Why do I feel such a sense of unaccomplishment? So I decided to take a good look behind at the things that did and didn’t happen, and guess what I discovered? Well, you probably already guessed it. Yes! It wasn’t a total loss. In fact, I had a really good time last year! So much happened for me, and most of it were unplanned and admittedly challenging and so I’ve been stuck staring at my unachieved goals that I just couldn’t see all the impromptu blessings and joys that made my year.

Although my more ambitious goals weren’t met (like becoming my own boss), but one of my most valued personal goal was – I shared myself more than ever before. I didn’t add a degree to my portfolio, but I did get a better job. and though I still haven’t taken all the bold steps I had hoped that I would, but I managed to make one of my most difficult decisions – to get my own place and finally move out of home. I didn’t make the giant leap that I dreamt I would make, but instead took baby steps towards my vision.

Most importantly are the lessons I learned from this journey; There’s no need to be impatient and its not enough to simply know where you’re going, you need to state clearly how you intend to get to your destination. Take your time and create a step by step plan on how you will achieve your set goals, and then allow yourself to enjoy the ride.

All things considered, looking back I do believe I have taken that very first step; not a leap, but definitely a step forward.


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