Dear 2019

I am sitting here at my favorite Chinese take out place (mostly because it’s just beside my workplace) and thinking of all the things I actually wanted to do last year. How many of those are worth keeping, and how many should I toss?

I remember I wanted to travel. Actually, I want to travel every year and I probably always will. Unfortunately though I rarely do, and didn’t do any in 2018. Of all my expectations, I think this has to be my most regretful. So of course this would be staying for sure in 2019, and I look forward to sharing my travel experience. But most importantly, I want to share three things I learned from my experience last year, and what I’m doing differently in 2019.

  • Maximizing Every Moment: So obviously this is simply to live every moment to the fullest, taking as much pleasure as you can from each experience and making the most of every situation or opportunity. A simple example is; you have a job, that may or may not be your dream job, but as long as you choose to do it then you must give it your all. Or you’re in a relationship. Give yourself to it without holding back. Whatever you’re doing, throw yourself into it, your head, your heart and your hands
  • Do More: In 2019, I want to be a doer. Do you have goals? Or maybe some expectations? Then you must have a well thought out plan of accomplishing that goal. More importantly though is the need to put your plan into action. Create action plans towards achieving each goal, and then act on them. Do not hesitate. Just act. Take that first step!
  • Fear Less: Now this is a notorious one! “What if I fail?” Or “What will people say?” These statements have killed more dreams than any other singular reason. Just how many people have failed to even attempt to achieve their goals out of fear and self doubt. But what I have learnt is that you never know what you can do until you try, and you never really regret trying something, even if you fail at it. So do what you have to do. You certainly cannot spend your life always worrying about the petty feelings of others.

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