Day 38: A Day In The Life Of Tia

I could feel the strong breeze on my face immediately I opened my window, and with it the sweet aroma of delicious food. The soft music I couldn’t quite make out became a little louder, enough for me to recognize Chaka Chaka’s soulful voice thanking the DJ for playing her song.

I could almost make out the faces of those facing me. Perhaps with my glasses, i might have. There were mostly children with their parents, and a few teenagers sprinkled about, all sitting in little clustered groups. Each little group is seated on white plastic chairs arranged around white plastic tables with an umbrella poking out from the middle to form a little canopy. I can’t quite make out what is on the tables, but I can imagine each table will carry an assortment of drinks and several fancy dishes. I think I smell pizza, or maybe its just that I suddenly have a craving for a cheese-filled pizza.

I had thought the strong wind will send them running to their packed cars, but it didn’t seem to bother them at all. Its just as well since the angry wind has died down to a soft sweet breeze. From my window, I can see them now clustered together taking snapshots. Of course! They are having a party. Perhaps a child’s party with the number of children and parents, but the music seems a bit unsuited to the event. Perhaps the DJ isn’t aware of this, or simply chose to ignore it.

I can see they are done taking pictures, as some of them are now headed towards the parking lot. Others are just wandering about the park, probably deciding to take advantage of the good weather and linger a bit. Aah, the umbrellas have just been removed and the tables are being folded. And in the distance, the call for evening prayers is heard.

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