The Best Day of Your Life Could be Today

If you were asked what it is that you absolutely need to do to live a happy and fulfilled life, what will your answer be? And most importantly, why are you not doing it right now?

This question is actually what led me to start writing. Before now, I’ll always find excuses like; lack of professional training, lack of time, ability, inspiration and so on. But then while working my butt off in a low pay job and going through the monotony of everyday life, I’ll find myself frustrated with my inability to actually do what I want to do instead. Then I asked myself, why not? I mean, why can’t I just pick up my phone and write what I feel like right now? And that was exactly what I did (and what I’m still doing actually). The moment when I did that felt so satisfying that I couldn’t believe I had waited so long to give myself the freedom to just be!

I mean all it took for me to feel happier and like my life mattered beyond paying bills was to do exactly what I felt like doing.

So what if you don’t have the qualifications yet? Who said you can’t start now and figure it out as you go. The secret to making everyday the happiest day of your life is simply to follow your heart. Of course there will be ups and downs, but in everyday you will surely find moments of fulfillment. This is the only way to maximize your life and make it count for something, to inspire somebody and to live without regrets!

Ask yourself; “What is that which I can’t live without? Why am I not going after it? Why am I going in a completely different direction from what I know will make me happy”? “Why am I in this job? Okay so I need this job to feed my family, but then, why am I not using every spare time I have to pursue my dream”? This could be the only reason you are frustrated, unmotivated, angry with your life right now or even possibly depressed.

So why not take the first step now to make everyday of your life regret free and as fulfilling as possible!

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