The Universe Is Listening

Do you think nobody is listening to your thoughts & words?

Of course, the universe is listening. So if you say you can, you can; and if you believe you cannot then you most definitely will be proven true either way.

The universe is listening. God is listening; Even the devil is listening to the words you proclaim, so do yourself a favor and speak only what you want to come true and surround yourself with the energy you wish to replicate in your life.

I remember coming back from work on Saturday night and feeling terribly depressed. I thought of (and not for the first time) how little I am able to do towards so much more I could be doing.

I felt I deserved better than a job that swallows up almost all my waking hours. I basically spent my weekend in this depressive state and dreaded the coming week.

Anyway, I woke up Monday morning feeling highly unmotivated (as expected). And after I dragged myself up from bed, while in the shower, I suddenly had an epiphany.

Well, more like my inner voice suddenly and very emphatically said to me – STOP COMPLAINING!

Do you think nobody is listening to your thoughts & words?

The universe is listening to your negativity, God is listening to your ingratitude and the devil is rejoicing at his seeming victory over you. Make it a point to always BE POSITIVE & GRATEFUL and it will transform your life.

Amazingly, It felt like I had just woken from a very long sleep. I felt energized, and it occurred to me that I had so much to be thankful for and much more to hope for.

I have my family, great friends, good health, a fairly well paying job and most importantly, I have my passion.

So why not embrace life and make the best of all that you currently have while keeping your vision and your dream in your sights as you roll through life’s hurdles.

That could work, right? So BE POSITIVE! That’s my inspiration for this week.

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