No Mountain’s Too Tall For Victory & Adventure.

Falling is real. So is the joy of rising up stronger, and ultimately standing in the winners’ circle!

So what do I know about falling down? Quite a lot actually; And I can bet I’m not the only one who can relate so well with failing again and again to reach that goal, or repeatedly facing rejection, or simply being too scared to follow your dreams for fear of failing.

Once I lost a loved one, and with that came the sudden realization of my own mortality, and my drive was replaced by fear. I lost my motivation as I suddenly had a deep understanding of how things could go very wrong, and felt they always would. But do they really? No they don’t.

We’ve all heard success stories of those who dared to persist and succeeded, but most importantly is the need to live life to the fullest. To dream, and to follow that dream to wherever it could lead. To fly and see just how high you can reach.

But how can we take the chance to fly when we fear to fall?

Funny enough what brought me out of my abyss of fear was still a fear of not dreaming again, of not knowing the places I could go, and the things I could see.

I really really want to fly, and see for myself what’s beyond the clouds – and I mean that literally and figuratively.

After reading the Longreads stories on braving the wilderness I realized just how much we deprive ourselves by fearing to challenge the unknown.

On another thought; I wonder if one day I’ll be daring enough to attempt climbing Mount Everest or maybe a wilderness trek. That’ll certainly be the day!

Published by Tia

I am a book loving, adventure seeking introvert, and life itself is my inspiration. I am passionate about personal growth, and love to write about self improvement & mental health, whenever I’m not embarking in some otherworldly adventure.

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