5 Habits Harming Your Success Efforts And How To Fix Them

Do you feel like where you are in life right now is below your expectations?

Perhaps you started out quite well, with big dreams and a great vision; and maybe even had some pretty nice achievements back in the day. But somehow, somewhere everything seems to have screeched to a stop and you’re left with the bad taste of your unrealized expectations.

If this sounds familiar, its definitely not too late to pick up where you left off or start afresh.

Here are some of the things you may have been doing wrong and how to turn things around starting now.

  • Are your goals unrealistic?

As inspiring as it is when we decide we want to take on really big record making goals, most often these things may be unrealistic. Or perhaps we are not considering our own reality while setting these goals, and we end up setting ourselves up for disillusionment and near certain failure. Of course this is not to say we can only set small safe goals, certainly not! We simply need to aspire towards what we feel truly passionate about and goals we know we can weather any storms to achieve.

  • Are you listening to the wrong voice?

Which voice have you been listening to? Are you listening to that little voice in your head, telling you why you simply aren’t that good and can’t do something or the other? Or maybe it’s the voice of your friends and family telling you what you “should be doing instead for your own good”?

Why don’t you shut out all these voices, take control of your own inner voice and tell yourself exactly what you want to do and WHY YOU CAN DO IT!

How To Build A Mindset That Will Take You To The Top And Keep You There

You’re stronger, smarter and much more talented than you’re currently giving yourself credit for. So what if someone somewhere couldn’t do it? Someone somewhere can and has done it. Why can’t it be you?

  • Do you constantly compare yourself with others?

Why do we do this, when we can’t even see a real picture of the next person from where we are standing? Yet, there seems to be a compulsive need for us to measure our success with what we perceive as the successful lives of those around us. The grass is always greener and all… But that’s just it! If you were to swap lives for a moment with that person you think is more successful or happier, you’ll be shocked at the reality you will find.

Perhaps they’re more successful because they work harder than you can imagine and sacrifice all the pleasures that you enjoy. Or maybe they’re happier because they have mastered the magical art of contentment. You never know, and you don’t really need to know.

All you need is to mind you. Find inspiration in others, but never ever compare yourself to them.

  • When did you last learn a new skill?

To stop learning is like suicide to the mind, a gradual drain (and eventual death) of our energies and inspiration. Sometimes when things are working so well for us, we may think we have no need to improve on ourselves but the truth is quite the opposite.

We need to continually improve on ourselves, and expose our minds to new things and experiences. How else do we stay inspired? One of the things I’ve come to understand is that if we must continuously grow we need to be lifelong learners.

Learn new skills whenever you have the chance, and find new ways to carry out old tasks. Ask questions and be in the learning path always.

  • Perhaps we fear challenging ourselves, or stepping out of our comfort zones.

It’s natural to want to stay within the confines of our comfort zone especially when it seems to be working. This is okay if you have truly found happiness in it, but if not, then you have to take a deep breath, strengthen your resolve and step out to see what the world has to offer. You’ll almost be certain to have a wonderful experience if you decide to challenge yourself.

Published by Tia

I am a book loving, adventure seeking introvert, and life itself is my inspiration. I am passionate about personal growth, and love to write about self improvement & mental health, whenever I’m not embarking in some otherworldly adventure.

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