How To Get Yourself From Where You Are To Where You Should Be

Ever wondered why you’re where you are now and not where you feel you should be?

Perhaps you started out quite well, had a good education, made great plans for your life but somehow things didn’t turn out quite how you expected it to.

Well, you’re not alone. In fact I am sure that this is a scenario many people can relate to. It would seem that life simply has a way of dealing us surprises. But are they really surprises?

What I have learned in my short but quietly eventful life is that being prepared actually reduces these surprises. How prepared are we to face the ever evolving demands of society, its needs, its requirements to succeed and even its gaps.

Are we developing our minds and skills in time with these changes or do we just sit and hope for better days, or wonder why we aren’t as relevant as we once were?

There’s a lot to be said about starting out well, but if you fail to understand the changing needs, and advancements in today’s society then you’ll certainly fall behind those who do.

So how do you ensure you’re prepared to face the ups, downs and turns of life?

Here is a list of 10 easy lifestyle hacks to help you always stay on top;

  1. Be a life long learner
  2. Don’t think its ever too late to gain a new skill or qualification. It isn’t. Ever!
  3. Immerse yourself in life, in the here and now. Don’t just be an observer!
  4. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn something, meet new people and broaden your horizon.
  5. Step out of your comfort zone. Embrace life!
  6. Be open minded. Stay curious and open to new experiences.
  7. Develop any skills you already have. Don’t take any ability you have for granted.
  8. Love life. Find joy in life or it will be impossible to live it.
  9. Put your heart into it. Whatever you find yourself doing, do it to the best of your capacity.
  10. Be Grateful! Above all, remember to be thankful for how far you’ve come.

Though you may not be where you hope to be, but that you’re here now means you have made some progress and most importantly, you’re alive so its not over. In fact, its far from over.

At times like right now, when I remember what I really want my life to be like I feel a renewed determination to live life to the fullest, to learn every step of the way and to love my life as it is.

Published by Tia

I am a book loving, adventure seeking introvert, and life itself is my inspiration. I am passionate about personal growth, and love to write about self improvement & mental health, whenever I’m not embarking in some otherworldly adventure.

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