To Move That Mountain, All You Really Need Is Desire

It won’t get any easier, it really won’t. So knowing this, just get on with the ordeal. This is one of my personal mantras when I’m afraid of facing something and it works like a charm.

Ask yourself;

Where I am right now, is it all that great? Is it really where I want to be? If not, then don’t you want to know what’s on the other side of your fear?

Well I do, and that’s basically why I keep pushing. I want to know, I want to discover, I want to be more than what I am right now. Don’t you? I bet you do.

Don’t sit around waiting for things to get easier, or for the perfect time to pursue your dream because that time will never come, so just take off. The perfect time is right now. Right where you are!

Move that mountain

If the need or desire is strong enough, even a mountain will move from the path of the determined.

I used to be so envious of those go getters daring enough to keep going for what they wanted regardless of the circumstances. I’ll always find myself wishing I was bolder, more daring, braver, and so on – I still do.

Until I went through a very difficult time in my life and right after I pulled through that period, to my surprise I had people coming to me to confess how inspired they were watching my courage and strength – characteristics I would never have associated with myself at the time, or anytime for that matter.

So I got to the other side – the side of the victor, in-spite of how terrified I was and I realized that all those I envied before were the same.

They could have been terrified or unsure of themselves but they simply kept pushing through all that to get to the other side.

Yet what we see when we look at them is ‘The Victor’. Not the journey. Never ever their struggles or their fears.

To achieve anything in this life, we must get past the fear standing between us and our desire. We must want that thing or goal or ambition more than anything else.

Our desire must be strong enough to move the mountain that represent our fears, and only then can we come up victorious.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

To fan the flames of our desire, we need to learn the art of visualizing what we want and who we want to become.

Picture yourself exactly where you imagine yourself (realistically) to be in the future and you’ll find you’ll naturally start mapping a path to get there with each of your choices.

The question; “where do you see yourself in 5 years” has become a popular joke, but it’s a very important question.

If you take the time to try and answer it, you’ll find you likely don’t have a clear picture of who or what or where you see yourself in the nearest future. Most of us don’t.

Yet, you need to have a clear picture of where you’re going to be able to get there, or else you might very well be wasting your efforts going around in circles.

Your map to victory

So the question of the day is; What is the mountain stopping you from taking action on your goals? Is your desire strong enough right now to move it?

If not, then try to visualize; Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Picture your answer as clearly as you can and return to that image as often as you need to.

Make a visual board of your vision and change it up if necessary but no matter what, do not lose the image. Remember, that image is your map to victory!

Published by Tia

I am a book loving, adventure seeking introvert, and life itself is my inspiration. I am passionate about personal growth, and love to write about self improvement & mental health, whenever I’m not embarking in some otherworldly adventure.

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