Newlore Storyboard: #4ThingsThatInspiredMeThisWeek

From much needed closure, to self love challenges and timely writing inspiration, here’s a list of 4 things that inspired me this week.

1. What happened in 2022 stays in 2022…

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The best thing about a new year is the closure that comes with knowing you’re leaving a year behind you (with everything in it) and starting afresh.

Closing the records of the past year, no matter if it was great or sad or average, it’s over! And being born again, with renewed energy and spirit, with fresh hope and expectations, ready to go at it again.

I’ve decided not to have resolutions this new year but instead to let life lead the way, while I rediscover the things that really matter. I am so tired of struggling and caring in all the wrong places. I need a reboot and the new year is as close as we can get.

This Year I Intend To Try A New Approach…

Living for pleasure.

This year I have to find a way somehow to be my most selfish self. Let’s have a taste of it, and see how we like it. I intend to live for pleasure.

I need to learn where and how to utilize my energy. To rediscover my joy in all the little things I have already. To finally outgrow my need to please everybody else while I suffer in silence. In short, I need to learn to live with being the bad guy.

I’m definitely looking forward to a great week after finding these timely bits of inspiration over the weekend.

2. Writing Inspiration

I was feeling down a bit about the challenge of keeping my dream to write full time alive.

Here’s a piece that really gave me the boost I needed to stop beating myself up over my imperfections and just keep going.

You can check it out if you find yourself in a slump especially as a writer.

Or this article from The Writing Cooperative; Why You Should Write Daily Even If You Hate It

Or check out one of my very own articles that I rediscovered for myself at such a timely moment; Perfectionism or Self-sabotage?

3. Influence of social media in our lives today


Today we have Influencers leading the way in society instead of leaders and we continuously seek validation in the wrong places and things.

Widespread influence and amassing likes on social networks has taken the place of integrity and love. We need a paradigm shift to a time where we lived and fought for the right reasons.

Influencers or Leaders? Validation or Invalidation

4. My Self Love Challenge: 8 Horrible Habits I’m Giving Up In 2023

  • Quitting

Yes I admit it. I’m a quitter! When I feel like an endeavor might fail, I convince myself I don’t really want it and then as easy as saying “pie” I’m able to just walk away. 

I avoid “embarrassing myself” by failing, and also avoid a possible victory or opportunity to grow. This habit has got to go! 

My mission is to give 110% in everything I do for myself moving forward. I know I can do it because I go all out every single time for others, but then bail out when it’s mine. I almost feel like cursing at this point at how frustrating this habit is. 

  • Negativity

This boils down to my over pragmatic (and sometimes pessimistic) outlook on things. I need to change my “glass half empty” mentality by cultivating a positive mental attitude. 

My self love challenge
  • Quitting
  • Negative Mental Attitude
  • Poor time management (the busyness bug)
  • Fear of leaving my comfort zone/taking risks
  • Overthinking & fear of failing
  • Over-explaining myself
  • Not keeping in-touch with loved ones
  • Not counting my blessings often enough

I wish you all a beautiful year ahead. Stay safe, keep fighting and be happy!

Published by Tia

I am a book loving, adventure seeking introvert, and life itself is my inspiration. I am passionate about personal growth, and love to write about self improvement & mental health, whenever I’m not embarking in some otherworldly adventure.

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  1. I love reading articles to gain inspiration too, especially since I frequently write both blog posts and fiction pieces. Movies also play a big role in inspiring me. Thanks for sharing your inspiration for the week!

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