Disappearing Language: A Reading List on Losing Your Native Tongue

Powerful reads on which language comes first, second, or even third. Disappearing Language: A Reading List on Losing Your Native Tongue I found this piece from Longreads to be painfully relatable yet comforting to know it’s a shared feeling.

Identity Beyond Brands & Status: Who Are You?

“I am successful because I can. I can, because I am!” – How far you go in life depends on what you believe you can achieve, and what you believe you can do depends on who you see yourself to be. So ultimately, the question of the day is “who are you?” Or better phrased;Continue reading “Identity Beyond Brands & Status: Who Are You?”

What Inspired Me This Week

From timely writing inspiration to Greek gods, here’s a list of things that inspired me this week. I’m definitely looking forward to a great week after finding these timely bits of inspiration over the weekend. 1. Writing Inspiration I was feeling down a bit about the challenge of keeping my dream to write full timeContinue reading “What Inspired Me This Week”

Influencers or Leaders? Validation or Invalidation?

The world today is twisted so badly that we don’t know what’s the truth anymore. Right and wrong have become relative concepts and we seek validation in places and things that have no real value.  Things like wealth, fame, follower-ship, widespread influence and amassing likes have become the cornerstone of our existence as a raceContinue reading “Influencers or Leaders? Validation or Invalidation?”

Saturday Reflections: Memories of life in the box

Dad was always busy then, he thought he needed to give us a better life, and he did I suppose. Mum was always smiling, and thought a family should do this and should do that. . . Mum would put her hands gently atop both our heads and say to us;

A Literary TSwift Mashup From Your Wildest Dreams

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling … like there’s little I love more than an interesting combination, especially if it’s unexpected. Salt on my … A Literary TSwift Mashup From Your Wildest Dreams I found this really fascinating and purely ingenious! Particularly because I’ve recently been considering the idea of starting a bookContinue reading “A Literary TSwift Mashup From Your Wildest Dreams”

Haiku #1 – Envy

Here is my very first attempt at haiku writing. I am honestly fascinated with modern poetry and just starting to learn about it. This was written in response to the image prompt☝🏽and word prompt – Envy. Hopefully, this will be a not-so-bad attempt at haiku writing. I really want to get better so please letContinue reading “Haiku #1 – Envy”

#Reflections: An Essay On Loss, Hope And The Start Of A New Journey

I’m 9 and its my first day at secondary school. As I saw the other girls running around and chattering excitedly, I was frozen with fear and rooted to the car seat. “Was I somehow given a different resumption date than the others? I wondered. They all already seem to know each other, and they’re so big!”