Phenomenal Mothers

I woke up this morning thinking of the amazing woman that made it possible for me to be here today. I want you to know that even through our little fights and often intense arguments and across the miles that separate us that I love you. And so I am dedicating this month of March which is globally recognized as #womenshistorymonth to my mother and other #phenomenalmothers out there!

There’s so much I want to say but can’t put it all into words, so many memories to cherish and many more to make. I remember my primary school graduation day, I was to be given an award and you were called to present it to me. You stood up at the stage with this huge smile on your face, and ran to me before I even reached you. You were so proud!. So much has happened that has made you smile less and less but I want you to know that though you may not have made history, you’re no less phenomenal and you mean the world to me.

So please join me as we celebrate the women who influenced our lives through their love and their support. Simply write something (a fond memory or a simple message) in the comments with the tag – #phenomenalmothers. Feel free to place a link to your site or a post you wish to share. Happy blogging!

CALM is my Super Power

I was speaking to an old acquaintance last night and she said “Cynthia you are always so calm and purposeful. Amongst all of us friends, your life must be going best. I feel like I’m the least accomplished”. I laughingly told her “don’t you know that calm is my superpower, and my facade”? Of course it wasn’t funny. We had a good long conversation where I helped her take stock of what she has accomplished over the years, and she parted with the realisation that she has done quite well for herself! And I left with the realisation that making comparisons beetween your life and the lives of others is dangerous for your self esteem, your morale and your life in general.

Unlike what she believes, I actually have been off track for quite some time now. I woke up this morning however with a sense of purpose, unlike my usual mornings for the past couple of weeks where I feel overwhelmed with my life already and without any direction.

Today I am determined to do my best in what I can, to smile and to laugh with the people I meet on my way. To share myself with others. I reinforce my decision to find my purpose, and though I still don’t know how to go about that, I know all I need to do is to pick up my life and live it! Not for anybody else, but for me. Just me. I want to live a life without regrets or what ifs, and I will work my way through that one little step at a time. . .

The Move

Finally! I’ve been waiting forever for this day, and it’s finally here. I’m so excited about moving to my new place out of the city. I’ve always disliked living in the city with all its noise and pollution. My dream has been to live out in the country, as close to nature as possible. With the green hills, the clean air and just overlooking snow topped mountains. Well, this is not exactly my dream home but it’s the closest I’ve come to it so farStill the air is so fresh and the grass so green and lush.Continue reading “The Move”

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