A Good Day To Be Thankful!

There’s no greater magnet of positive energy and ultimately success than a grateful heart. Do not allow your heart to dwell on your failures or unfavorable circumstances, instead remind yourself always of how far you’ve come. We experience so many miracles every day that it’s literally impossible to run out of things to be grateful for. My gratitude mission this year is to write in … Continue reading A Good Day To Be Thankful!

Its Not About The Dream, It’s About The Ride

What is the point in achieving those goals and dreams when we lose so much in the process. Don’t be so focused on getting to your destination that you forget to enjoy the ride, and miss beautiful the scenery along the way. Life can be hard, and our dreams may sometimes take a roundabout route, but as long as we have the mindset that it’s … Continue reading Its Not About The Dream, It’s About The Ride

Football Mania

“So you’re the new one” said the stranger in a cold voice. “The one that was talking about football I’m told”. “Erm… I suppose” replied Marie. “What was that about football?” asked Charley. “That surprised me too” said Marie. “I think he meant when you mentioned your favourite footballer the other day at the club house” helped Rylyn. “But he wasn’t even there” argued Marie. … Continue reading Football Mania