Day 201: The Power of An Unforgettable Dream

The reason most dreams don’t come true is that they are forgotten as soon as their dreamers wake up

This world is shaped by dreamers. In innovations of science and technology, in medicine, in arts, in philosophy, it has been the dreamers in each generation who visualized how far we’ve come as a race and took the first imperfect steps towards the unknown future that we are at now. It will also take those who have the guts to dream, and the commitment to not forget their dreams in the wake of life’s struggles to chart the way to our own future.

I used to take pride in being an extremely practical person. It was only until recently that I came to understand something vital; that pragmatism is a shield! A shield we use to navigate life’s hurdles & uncertainties. Through my life, I have learned that my pragmatic nature (my shield) in an attempt to protect me from disappointment has gradually suppressed my dreams and desires until I came to the shocking realization that I almost do not want anything more than what I have or where I am at the moment, which is absolutely unacceptable.

However, I am thankful that I haven’t forgotten my dreams and the desires I have for my life. Coming to this realization any later and perhaps I would have! And this is the same for so many people out there. It’s not that we do not dream, but we are forced by life to suppress or forget them in order to “survive”.

If a dream is easily forgettable, then perhaps it was never worth it. But if you must dream, then you should dream big, long and hard!

I have decided to breathe life back into my dream, and somehow find a way to live out my desired life little by little. If I must struggle, then I should at least be able to struggle towards my desires. I refuse to live a life of regret. I will have my dream in my heart always, even if it can only be alive there; I will live my life chasing it, and even at the point of my death, I want to know I lived for something I chose.

Day 49-109: How Many Steps Back Have You Taken This Year?

Many of us had new year resolutions and set goals to achieve this year, but just how many steps back have you taken from those goals already. Do you even still remember them? Or have you simply given up on them? These are basically the questions I’ve been asking myself the past couple of days.

It’s actually depressing how life just swoops in and snatches our dreams and aspirations from us – but that’s only if we let it! Just thinking about how frustrating it has been for me to keep up with my goals while I had to face some pretty tough moments, I feel victorious to be able to pick up myself and keep going forward!

Personally, I refuse to think of how many steps back I have taken. I simply want to celebrate the fact that I am still here, still moving forward, and still VERY determined to reach my goals and achieve my dream.

This year I have come so close to giving up many times already, and just dealing with the many curves life has thrown at me. I’ve told myself “What’s the point of even trying” many times – and almost believed it.

But in the end, what’s important is that I didn’t quit when I thought I would. So DO NOT GIVE UP! Despite all the discouragement, and ‘reality’ trying to force its way down your throat. If you remember what you wanted for your life in the first place, and why you wanted it. If you are even just still alive, then anything is possible – So Get Back Up, Dust Yourself Off and Stay on Track!

So I’ll like to celebrate the fact that I am still in the race, and as determined as ever to keep on going! Today is a day to celebrate VICTORY! (Not just victory over death – as Christians), but also victory over life’s trials and all its lemons!

Day 20: I Choose Acceptance

I recently found myself engaging (unwisely) in a heated debate about the will of God for us. The funny thing is that I enjoy a good argument most times but not when it’s about religion or politics. I find that each person has his/her views (and should be allowed to), and these arguments never really end in mutual understanding. And so as a rule, I run the other way whenever I find myself in such moments, but for some reason I managed to be caught in the middle of this one. My philosophy in this is: I have my religion and political views and you have yours. I uphold my beliefs and you uphold yours. Together we do our best to practice our beliefs, keeping in mind the core principles of love and peace that binds us all together.

I find it odd that people spend hours arguing that this way is the right way or that that way is wrong, and they carry on with such conviction! I think it’s a great thing to have strong beliefs & views and hold them close to your heart, but not to hold them above other people’s. Personally I believe that the glue that will keep us united as one world is not one religion, or political view but love. Love of your neighbour, regardless of their views or differences and a desire to accommodate those differences. Our differences in culture, language and beliefs is what makes the world such a beautiful place. I certainly don’t want it any other way, I just want people to be nicer to each other.

“We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience creates unity.” Malcom X.

So let’s preach love and not superiority, let’s choose acceptance and do our parts in upholding peace & unity and who knows? We may actually achieve world peace!