Day 13: Hello World!

So it took me until the 13th day of 2019 to come out and say it – I have decided to embark on a 365 days post challenge! I know, scary right?

And . . . that is my blogging goal for 2019!

I’m really excited about this year as this is the first time I am deliberate about what I want to do from the very start of the year.

Also I’ve been dying (but still afraid) to make it official, and now I have!

My writing goal this year is simply to

1) write everyday

2) document my life (basically through journaling)

This is my resolve to pursue my dream of becoming a writer! I know I have more work to put in for that but I believe my journey should start with my conviction, and there’s no better way to demonstrate that but to take action. To gain expertise in anything you have to practice, practice, and practice some more until it becomes a part of you. That is the only way to achieve your goal and excel in anything you want to do. No shortcuts and no compromise.

So I’ve started on my own journey to fulfill my dream, how about you? There’s no better time to start than now, so just take a deep breath, and push your feet forward!