Day 11: The Magic of Just Starting

How many people look back on a time in their lives, just to feel regret for not having the courage to follow a certain road? For most of us, our to do list is filled with dreams we have that we either "don't have the time to pursue" or "don't have the courage to even … Continue reading Day 11: The Magic of Just Starting

Day 10: Its Not About The Dream, It’s About The Ride

What is the point in achieving those goals and dreams when we lose so much in the process. Don't be so focused on getting to your destination that you forget to enjoy the ride, and miss beautiful the scenery along the way. Life can be hard, and our dreams may sometimes take a roundabout route, … Continue reading Day 10: Its Not About The Dream, It’s About The Ride

Day 7: Stay Motivated, don’t lose the Momentum!

We're just a week into the new year and many of us are still super inspired to meet all our goals and milestones which is great, but how easy is it to get off track - very easy actually! So how do you stay on track to ensure you achieve everything you set for yourself … Continue reading Day 7: Stay Motivated, don’t lose the Momentum!

Day 6: Taking back your Mornings!

So after a good look at my first week of the new year, I realized that the greatest challenge I faced was in one word - distractions! Particularly minding other people's businesses, and having my mornings snatched away from me. Having a schedule to follow is obviously a great way to manage your time but … Continue reading Day 6: Taking back your Mornings!

Day 5: Failure to launch

Everyone makes new year resolutions, but only a tiny fraction is able to turn their good intentions into action. We all procrastinate, and deep inside we know that procrastination is not an accident but a conscious choice we make. Unfortunately it's not easy to avoid the sweet pleasure of immediate gratification compared to the difficulty … Continue reading Day 5: Failure to launch

Day 4: Dear 2019

I am sitting here at my favorite Chinese take out place (mostly because it's just beside my workplace) and thinking of all the things I actually wanted to do last year. How many of those are worth keeping, and how many should I toss? I remember I wanted to travel. Actually, I want to travel … Continue reading Day 4: Dear 2019

Day 3: Explore. Dream. Discover

The best thing about a new year is the closure that comes with knowing you are leaving a year behind you (with everything in it) and starting afresh. Closing the records of the past year, no matter if it was great or sad or average, it's over! And being born again, with renewed energy and … Continue reading Day 3: Explore. Dream. Discover

Day 2: Falling down and getting back up

What do I know about falling down? A lot! And I am sure I can’t be the only one to be able to relate so well with failing again and again to reach that goal or facing rejection, or even simply being too scared to follow your dreams for fear of failing. Once upon a … Continue reading Day 2: Falling down and getting back up

Day 1: A Look Behind

Although my more ambitious goals weren't met (like becoming my own boss), but one of my most valued personal goal was - I shared myself more than ever before. I didn't add a degree to my portfolio, but I did get a better job. and though I still haven't taken all the bold steps I had hoped that I would, but I managed to make one of my most difficult decisions - to get my own place and finally move out of home.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

 58 years ago, some brave God-fearing and proud men stood up and came together to claim the right to freedom and independence of our beloved country. Most of those men are now dead but their work isn't, and the fight is far from over. If brave, God-fearing and proud Nigerians fail to stand up in … Continue reading Happy Independence Day Nigeria