Day 10: Its Not About The Dream, It’s About The Ride

What is the point in achieving those goals and dreams when we lose so much in the process. Don’t be so focused on getting to your destination that you forget to enjoy the ride, and miss beautiful the scenery along the way. Life can be hard, and our dreams may sometimes take a roundabout route, … More Day 10: Its Not About The Dream, It’s About The Ride

Day 4: Dear 2019

I am sitting here at my favorite Chinese take out place (mostly because it’s just beside my workplace) and thinking of all the things I actually wanted to do last year. How many of those are worth keeping, and how many should I toss? I remember I wanted to travel. Actually, I want to travel … More Day 4: Dear 2019

Day 1: A Look Behind

Although my more ambitious goals weren’t met (like becoming my own boss), but one of my most valued personal goal was – I shared myself more than ever before. I didn’t add a degree to my portfolio, but I did get a better job. and though I still haven’t taken all the bold steps I had hoped that I would, but I managed to make one of my most difficult decisions – to get my own place and finally move out of home. … More Day 1: A Look Behind