The Lost Days Of Ada

Looking back, perhaps we saw it coming.

Maybe we didn’t want to see the fear she tried so hard to hide. Or maybe we just couldn’t face the truth – that we could do nothing for her, and so chose not to see it.

But it was there, right there in her flirty smile, and in the gentle slant of her brown eyes – the way they stare at nothing when she thought no one was looking.

Oh but she was ever so sweet and chatty! That you wanted to be near her, to listen to her go on and on about some topic that caught her fancy. But we knew, that she was barely holding on to the façade of normalcy and independence!

Oh why did we not just say to her “how are you doing Ada”?

Why did we pretend to not see her silent suffering? Why did we pretend to not hear the tears in her laughter? How do we say to ourselves that once upon a time, we had a choice to save a life, but we chose wrong.

She was one of us; a sister, a friend, a neighbor, a stranger. She believed like we do, she feared like we do, and once upon a day, she will find us and through her eyes we will see that just like her, we are only human.

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