My Self Love Challenge: 8 Horrible Habits I’m Giving Up This November

We’re all in the gutter, some of us are simply looking up to the sky and can’t see the filth.

Maximize your weekend with these 5 easy tips

Lately I find myself feeling like a fraud whenever I join the throng of workers to “Thank God it’s Friday” in celebration of the coming weekend. Of course I’m just as excited for the end of the work week and the coming rest days, or day in my case…and that, exactly is the problem –Continue reading “Maximize your weekend with these 5 easy tips”

Newlore Storyboard: 7 Things I’ll Do If I Could Do Anything. Books & More.

What would you be doing right now if you could do absolutely anything? This question actually inspired me to put together my anything-is-possible list and I had so much fun doing it that I wonder why it took me this long. I also discovered that pouring out your heart desires (those things you would absolutelyContinue reading “Newlore Storyboard: 7 Things I’ll Do If I Could Do Anything. Books & More.”

Beware, The Perfect Excuse for Failure

We’re all Oliver Twist, and we all want some more. Some more time, more wealth, more skills, more opportunities. Yet, what are we doing with the little we already have? That is this week’s #questionoftheweek. One of the most famous quotes in Charles Dickens 1945 allegory was a phrase by the titular character; Please sir,Continue reading “Beware, The Perfect Excuse for Failure”