Day 46: The Best Day of Your Life Could be Today

If you were asked what it is that you absolutely need to do to live a happy and fulfilled life, what will your answer be? And most importantly, why are you not doing it right now? This question is actually what led me to start writing. Before now, I'll always find excuses like; lack of … Continue reading Day 46: The Best Day of Your Life Could be Today

The Lost Days of Ada

Looking back, perhaps we saw it coming. Maybe we didn't want to see the fear she tried so hard to hide. Or maybe we just couldn't face the truth - that we could do nothing for her, and so chose not to see it. But it was there, right there in her flirty smile, and … Continue reading The Lost Days of Ada

Day 42: The Other Side Of Fear

It won't get any easier, it really won't. So knowing this, just get on with the ordeal. This is one of my personal mantras when I am afraid of facing something and it works like magic. Ask yourself this; Where you are now, is it all that great? If not, then don't you want to … Continue reading Day 42: The Other Side Of Fear

Day 32: Heart your Health

February is World Heart Month! and today being the first day of February is a great time to make sure your ticker is ticking properly. We've all heard it: Change your diet, maintain a healthy weight, be physically active, quit smoking, go for your annual check-ups. These may seem small, and you may ask yourself … Continue reading Day 32: Heart your Health

Day 22: The Winning Mindset, Become The Success You See

One of the most important trait of successful people is that they see themselves as winners. To be a success you must become a winner in your own mind first. Be that person who CAN DO IT even if others can't or say you can't, simply by believing you can. There will be odds against … Continue reading Day 22: The Winning Mindset, Become The Success You See

Day 19: Press Refresh!

It's the weekend again! A time to de-clutter your mind, rest your body and restore your energy. The reason people are so tired on Mondays is simply because they carry over the stress from the previous week. We all need healing after the demands and pressure from our work, relationships and responsibilities so it is … Continue reading Day 19: Press Refresh!

Day 17: Live your Best Life Now

Do you think your life is overwhelming, and spinning out of your control? That the fates are against you somehow? Well, you're definitely not alone. Not so Long ago I found my self in a place where the wheels of my life seemed totally out of my control. I was overwhelmed with just dealing with … Continue reading Day 17: Live your Best Life Now

Day 15: A Good Day To Be Thankful!

There's no greater magnet of positive energy and ultimately success than a grateful heart. Do not allow your heart to dwell on your failures or unfavorable circumstances, instead remind yourself always of how far you've come. We experience so many miracles every day that it's literally impossible to run out of things to be grateful … Continue reading Day 15: A Good Day To Be Thankful!

Day 13: Hello World!

So it took me until the 13th day of 2019 to come out and say it - I have decided to embark on a 365 days post challenge! I know, scary right? And . . . that is my blogging goal for 2019! I’m really excited about this year as this is the first time … Continue reading Day 13: Hello World!

Day 12: Why You Need A Weekend Bucket List

Lately I find myself feeling like a fraud whenever I join the throng of workers to "Thank God it's Friday" in celebration of the coming weekend. Of course I'm just as excited for the end of the work week and the coming rest days, or day in my case...and that, exactly is the problem - … Continue reading Day 12: Why You Need A Weekend Bucket List