The Lost Days of Ada

Looking back, perhaps we saw it coming. Maybe we didn't want to see the fear she tried so hard to hide. Or maybe we just couldn't face the truth - that we could do nothing for her, and so chose not to see it. But it was there, right there in her flirty smile, and … Continue reading The Lost Days of Ada

Day 36: The Struggle Between ‘Me’ and ‘Them’

For some of us, life can seem like a constant struggle between letting ourselves look bad by saying no, and sacrificing our own happiness and independence with unnecessary commitments. Yet we have to avoid the mental trap of "not wanting to let others down" in order to make progress in our own lives. In fact, … Continue reading Day 36: The Struggle Between ‘Me’ and ‘Them’

Day 20: I Choose Acceptance

I recently found myself engaging (unwisely) in a heated debate about the will of God for us. The funny thing is that I enjoy a good argument most times but not when it's about religion or politics. I find that each person has his/her views (and should be allowed to), and these arguments never really … Continue reading Day 20: I Choose Acceptance

Day 18: The Choice Between Love And Fear

I was in the company of some friends this past week and in the middle of something I was saying, someone suddenly interrupted me asking "why do you always say you're too busy to have a steady relationship"? So I started to defend myself as usual but somewhere along the line, I realized I wasn't … Continue reading Day 18: The Choice Between Love And Fear