Choose to live as beautifully and as freely as possible. Day 5/365

Ever wondered what you’ll be doing right now, if there were no boundaries and you could do absolutely anything? I would choose to live as beautifully and as freely as I can. One of my life’s greatest loves is writing, and my love for writing began with personal essays and narratives and even poetry whileContinue reading “Choose to live as beautifully and as freely as possible. Day 5/365”

The Happiness We Missed . . . Again. Day 3/365

For most of people, 2022 was not a great year; nor was it a bad year, or a particularly good one for that matter. But for some of us still, we may decidedly just give it a pass as it is after all behind us. There’s no denying however that buried within all of usContinue reading “The Happiness We Missed . . . Again. Day 3/365”

Newlore Storyboard: #4ThingsThatInspiredMeThisWeek

From much needed closure, to self love challenges and timely writing inspiration, here’s a list of 4 things that inspired me this week. 1. What happened in 2022 stays in 2022… …hopefully. The best thing about a new year is the closure that comes with knowing you’re leaving a year behind you (with everything inContinue reading “Newlore Storyboard: #4ThingsThatInspiredMeThisWeek”

My Self Love Challenge: 8 Horrible Habits I’m Giving Up This Month

We’re all in the gutter, some of us are simply looking up to the sky and can’t see the filth.

How To Overcome A Lack Of Motivation In Your Life

Ever wondered how to get back on track with life? Well, you’re not alone.

5 Easy Habits That Naturally Boosts Your Motivation

So you dragged yourself up from bed after barely enough sleep and you wonder just how you’ll make it through the day? Or perhaps through the week? Well, you’re not alone and I must confess I know exactly how you feel most days. Considering how tough it is to stay on track, and how temptingContinue reading “5 Easy Habits That Naturally Boosts Your Motivation”

The Difference Between Victory and Defeat Is Our Mental Attitude.

Looking back at 2021, I feel tempted to sink into a deep well of self chastisement. To beat myself up over all I hoped to achieve but didn’t. Why do I feel such a sense of un-accomplishment?

Yet, we lived through it when many didn’t. So, we swallow the disappointment of unmet expectations yet again and we find the heart to be thankful, for there is always much to be thankful for.